Dynasil — A look back at 2019

As we embark upon yet another year in our photonics journey, enjoy these curated highlights from 2019.

DLC Chamber for Coating IR Optics

The ability to coat IR optics with our custom-designed DLC coating chamber on substrates like germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide and chalcogenides continues to fuel our growth in IR and has enabled us to coat thousands of IR optics for industry-leaders in defense and aerospace.

Image as seen through an IR camera

ISO 5 (Class 100) Assembly Space

Optometrics, a Dynasil company, inaugurated an ISO 5 (Class 100) assembly (clean) space to serve a growing demand, from existing and new customers, for contract manufacturing and assembly of optical and opto-mechanical components.

Optometrics — ISO 5 (Class 100) Assembly Space

Riofoto Website

Riofoto is our line of industry-leading, rhodium-coated dental mirrors for intra-oral photography. We redesigned the Riofoto website to better serve our existing distributors and invite new distributor applications from companies around the world.

Riofoto — Rhodium-coated dental mirrors for intra-oral photography

DLC Video Mailer

We designed a video mailer to highlight our state-of-the-art DLC coating chamber and promote our capabilities in coating IR optics. The video highlighted how our chamber design including its geometry, operating temperature, gas inputs, and even the coating direction eliminates the 4 common coating issues — pinholes, uniformity, stress and adhesion.

DLC Video Mailer

Tradeshows — From Baltimore to Bombay

From Baltimore to Bombay we exhibited and/or attended many international tradeshows. SPIE Photonics West 2019, our anchor show, brought together our teams from Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and the UK and presented a unique opportunity for our customers to engage with our experts in the field of optical materials, components, coatings and scintillation and detection solutions. We’ll be in Booth #242 this year at SPIE Photonics West 2020 and we invite you to meet our photonics experts and to learn how we can help. We look forward to your visit!

Book a Meeting at Photonics West 2020

Dynasil Team at Photonics West 2019

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